Review process
The submitted article undergoes a formal evaluation and after initial approval it is forwarded for content-related evaluation (review), which lasts up to 4 weeks. There may be no conflict of interest when selecting a reviewer. It is considered to be the case between the reviewer and the author:

a) direct personal relationships (kinship, legal relationships, conflict),
b) relations of professional subordination,
c) direct scientific cooperation in the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.

The author may provide the name of a potential reviewer, but the Editors reserve the right to choose their choice. The review is in a written form (the review form is provided on the journal's website) and ends with an unequivocal conclusion as to whether the article should be approved for publication, corrected or rejected. Correction or improvement of the text in Polish should be made immediately, but not longer than within one week. Then, the editors make a decision about the fate of the work. The work can be submitted for translation or rejected. The condition for submitting the work for printing is covering the costs of translation and possible linguistic verification and informing the editorial office about this fact.

The Editors' decision is final. Editors do not return manuscripts.

The names of the reviewers of individual publications/issues are not disclosed. Once a year, the journal publishes a list of cooperating reviewers.