For Authors

1. There are no fees for submitting or publishing an article in the National Security Studies journal.
2. The National Security Studies journal accepts papers written in Polish or English.
3. Articles must be prepared in accordance with editorial requirements and content guidelines.
4. Works that do not meet the article layout imposed in the journal, i.e. introduction => assessment of the state of knowledge => research methodology => results research => discussion => conclusions - will be rejected without exception.
5. Papers should be sent via our journal's electronic system by attaching completed and signed documents:6. The author undertakes to comply with standards ethical journal.
7. In accordance with the standards set for scientific journals by the Ministry of Education and Science, the editors ask authors to disclose information about entities contributing to the publication in accordance with procedure securing the originality of the publication.
8. Final changes during proofreading by our editors consist only of minor substantive and linguistic corrections.
9. The journal provides open access to its content in accordance with Open Access Policy.
10. The review process is performed using the double-blind method.
11. The editors reserve the right to reject the submission without review if the following criteria are not met:
  • the work does not match journal profile;
  • job not brings new knowledge;
  • the work does not meet editing requirements or/and content guidelines;
  • the thesis has glaring linguistic errors, contains significant errors or shortcomings;
  • insufficient bibliography was used.
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